Training Tools

After Coach selects 12-20 students for the Zain Africa Challenge Scholars Club (from among those who scored well on the Student Tryout Tests), the next step is to schedule several practice sessions. The objectives for these sessions are:

  • Assess students' knowledge base in the key areas of the questions in the game
  • Assess individual students' proficiency in hearing, reading and speaking English
  • Teach students the format, rules and strategies of the game
  • Test different combinations of 3 players to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as individuals and teammates

Among the most successful training tools and strategies are:

  • Play the computerised version of the game including variations:
    Sudden Death: A tie game, one question decides it all
    Work the Category: Complete entire categories, one at a time
    Survivor: Play a set of Face-Off questions only, eliminating players who answer incorrectly
    Solo Ultimate Challenge: Each player competes on a separate 10 question U.C. round
  • Have players take the Online Game Rules Training Quiz
  • Have faculty members quiz and drill players on topics in their field of study
  • Play online games and quizzes
  • Have players write questions for practice to give them an understanding of the structure of the game and the questions





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